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However, there is much more to the network than its core themes. Mutual exchange is key.

"Fulfilling the most varied requirements and challenges of the individual companies and promoting the most diverse regions is not only our strength but also our credo."

The team is proud that the network is vivid and grows continuously; therefore, The Awarded is flexible in terms of shifting their focus and specializing in fields that have emerged through network partner enquiries. These requests are considered as challenges that are to be faced immediately and professionally.


From the first Austrian technology hub – found in 1986 – and the magazine "Styrian Tech" (1990) the first business network independent of business sector and document "Styrian Leading" emerged. The national project expands gradually to the European market and therefore meets contemporary economic requirements. The umbrella brand The Awarded now comprises the leading companies and their staff as well as projects of selected European regions.

According to the slogan "The network is alive" the corporate target is to conjoin leading European companies into one future-oriented and strong network. Mutual exchange and profit are primary priorities.


The Benefits

The Awarded pursues the main target to comprise leading European companies and connect them on a professional platform. As additional distributor for the messages of network partners The Awarded offers the opportunity to present oneself as uniform and strong entity in the region surrounded by a contemporary business environment.

Network events

Different network events are planned and organized by The Awarded. They range from expert workshops to product presentations onto sales and entrepreneur pitches. 
As our network partners are essential we focus on events predominantly at company sites. This facilitates a parallel and personal insight into the corporate cultures and activities of our members. 

Expert blogs with interactive communication opportunities

Experts on education, politics and economy have the opportunity to share their know-how. The interactive communication system provides space for discussions as well as questions and comments on specific statements. 

Events & print media reports 

As network partner of The Awarded you will receive your personal access to a fast and user-friendly administration of your company presentation as well as distribution of your events, press releases, product launches and company news.


Presentation of your products & services

In accordance with your profile you can use The Awarded as additional distributor for the presentation of your products and services on a modern and professional platform. On your personal website on The Awarded you can easily create and actualize your profile. There are no creative limits in presenting your company - from descriptions of your product categories to detailed product depictions including photos of your services. The additional content on a page that is independent of your provider may also enhance your Google ranking.


A further core topic that The Awarded revolves around is qualified personnel. As The Awarded cooperates with leading universities and colleges a platform for recruitment of potential future employees can be accessed. In accordance with their company presentation every network partner has the possibility to place job advertisements. The personal settings enable a user-friendly actualization of these vacancies. A further offer of The Awarded is the presentation of companies and their vacancies at major career fairs at Austrian universities and colleges. Therefore, our partners save time and can still represent their companies at important events. In addition, there is the possibility to visit the fair stand for a couple of hours, without the need to finance or be in charge of the stand.



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